Welcome everyone to the Green School System. It is great pleasure and honor to welcome the students, parents and the network associates to the Green School System. My presence as a project director is a part of the Green School System’s ambitious programme of growth and expansion in teaching, and professional training and development. Founded as a project of Madinah Foundation in the year 2017, the GSS has now been named as one of the fast upcoming schools.

Green School System aims at providing the most modern education to all socio-economic classes in the country. I believe that modern and quality education is the right of every child. So, as an educationist and the member of the Green School System, I am making all possible efforts to bridge the gap which is very prominent in Pakistan.

Green School System’s vision and commitment to excellence in teaching and educational research and development is reflected in our plans for intellectual and physical expansion. We have the most appropriate facilities with state of the art infrastructure for a well-rounded exposure to education taking up most modern educational activities and curriculum.

School’s wide range of educational activities are at par with international practices and are designed to prepare our students for global                                                            Abdul Hameed                        environments and challenges. We help our students to understand and master the intricacies of diverse frameworks and we encourage them                                                                                                     to engage not just with the curricular but also with the co-curricular activities and dominate. Our teaching incorporates highly professional                                                                                                         elements and state of the art facilities.

                                                                         Green School System not only envisions to become a leader in the education in Pakistan but also to contribute to global advancement,                                                                                                               intellectual innovation and social impact. 

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