About Green School System

The core purpose of Green School System (GSS) is to facilitate the community with affordable quality education. We believe that only quality education can provide with a foundation for strong character and personality. With successful mental and physical development only, an individual can be able to collaborate in efforts for the betterment of the society at large. Thus, our aim is to create better human beings by teaching them moral and ethical values along with curriculum. We strive to attain our goal of producing the best students so that they may become the leaders for change in Pakistan.

Our prime aim is to impart students with knowledge, discipline, confidence, excellence and a sense of responsibility. According to John Dewy “Education is not preparation for life but life itself. It is the process of living through a continuous construction of experiences which develop all those capacities in the individual, which will enable him to control his environment and fulfill his responsibilities”. Therefore, we emphasize on essential life skills including social, creative innovation, communication and self-management.

We believe that children learn in their own unique style and the early few years of childhood are very important for personality development. We know that the young minds have a great capacity to learn diverse concepts and master various skills; however, they need to be nurtured with care. Keeping in view the significance of these factors, we provide special care and practice based training to the students. Moreover, we ensure conducive and fully interactive learning environment in the schools. Learning is fun in GSS!


Green School System aspires to provide affordable quality education based on Islamic ideology to socio-economic class of our society for their constructive contribution in nation building.


Our mission is to achieve excellence in education by providing experiential learning to our students within our socio-cultural framework and equipping the teachers with modern pedagogies in order to develop students holistically and inculcate ethical values in them.

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