Green School System is offering alliance to its business partners called: “Network Associates” who can be individuals or parties aspiring to play a vital role in the development of the society and the nation at large through education. We also offer profitable business proposals and secure investment plans for those who want to work with us and take up the initiative of building our franchise schools in Pakistan.


Who can be a Network Associate?

Any committed individual or party who wants to work with us in widening the horizon of our vision and fuel our project is our Network Associate. Educationists such as retired teachers and owners of schools will be highly preferred. We also welcome retired civil officers, military officers, and property owners who have the investments/resources and looking for an opportunity.  


Benefits for Network Associates:

Network Associates will surely get profitable results from their investments in a short span of time. They will be able to own schools and run a permanent business.

The management of Green School System will extend support and expertise in technical and operational planning for our investors. We will facilitate our partners in following areas:

  • manuals for operations of school
  • formulating academic policies and procedures
  • implementing standardized curriculums
  • setting administrative guidelines
  • following centralized assessment and grading systems
  • establishing school evaluation criterion
  • hiring teaching and non-teaching staff
  • developing the skills of teachers and management staff


Benefits for Students and Parents:

Green School System offers:

  • affordable quality education.
  • standardized curriculum and text booklist.
  • need based and merit scholarships.
  • indemnity plan(educational insurance).
  • inter and intra-city student transfer facility.
  • interesting and interactive learning environment in classrooms.
  • ongoing assessment process for evaluating the performance of each student.
  • textbooks, stationary and uniforms at affordable prices at stores affiliated with the school.
  • Free medical treatment in case of hospitalization in selective cities.
  • yearly break up of term plan for academic like duration of term I and final year examination etc.
  • yearly plan for co-curricular activities such as arts and crafts, physical education, games, inter-school competitions, educational trips.
  • school newsletters and magazines, school clubs and societies.              

On-Going Support for Network Schools

Our promise for an on-going support for our network schools in the following main areas:

  1. Building and Infrastructure
  2. Advertisement and Marketing Plan
  3. Academics


Building And Infrastructure


Location Analysis

With mutual consent of our partners, we inspect, select and approve a specific site/location for the school/campus.


School/Premises Design

The premises of the school/campus will be developed according to the designs specified by us. We will make sure that the campus is provided with essential resources and equipment for the classrooms, laboratories, libraries and school grounds. Moreover, we provide guidelines to ensure standard health and safety measures in the school premises. 



We will facilitate in installations of all teaching and learning equipment in school. In addition, we will make sure that no compromises are done on the standards of construction/renovation. Our network associates would be able to choose contractors which we recommend for renovating and equipping their properties.


Centralized Procurement

It will be an important obligation for Green School System to maintain the standard of education while conforming to the use of the best equipment and resource materials and their purchase for the schools. We maintain common educational standards through our centralized bulk-buying house for the purchase of books, uniforms and stationary items.


 Advertisement And Marking Plan

We will facilitate our partners in promoting their schools on national levels through the print and electronic mediums. Moreover, Green School System will provide its partners with well developed marketing strategies and creative public relation programs for carrying out successful media campaigns.

A standardized layout and design for external and internal signage which will be installed inside and outside of the campus, will be provided by us. In addition, comprehensive guidelines for developing ads and standardized formats for marketing material will be given to campuses for local marketing campaign, which will be launched prior to admissions.



Green School System takes complete responsibility of academics. We will facilitate our network campuses with a comprehensive academic support in the following main areas:

  • Staff induction/hiring criterion and support
  • Training sessions for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Standardized booklist
  • Academic and activity calendars
  • Management calendars
  • Morning assembly plans
  • Breakup of syllabus
  • Curriculum resource packs/lesson plans including worksheets and list of teaching and learning resources
  • Admission tests
  • Assessments and examination papers
  • Summer packs
  • Projects
  • e-learning tools



Personal and Professional Development Program

Green School System will develop customized staff development programs. With the help of these programs, our partners will be able to carry out sessions for personal and professional development of their management and support staffs.

Web Portal

A complete online portal of Green School System will be available to the network associates, parents, teachers and students. They will be able to log into their respective accounts to get information they require.

School Managment System (SMS)

The School Management System is an online application which will help the school administration to keep students’ attendance and fee records.


Franchise License Fee

Green School System offers the following schemes to its network associates:

  1. Pre-School (Playgroup to KG)
  2. Junior School (Class 1 to Class 5)
  3. Senior School (Class 6 to 10)

Network association term is for life time. A license fee is chargeable for each category of network associate. The details of franchise fee are given below:

  • Pre + Junior School                                                                                      800,000
  • Pre + Junior + Senior School                                                                      1,300,000
  • Conversion of an existing School(with at least 300 students)              750,000


Student Strength

Maximum student strength should be 1000 in Pre, Junior and Senior School. If the student strength exceeds 1000, section stream terms and conditions will apply.



Gross Revenue

Following are the student charges that do not constitute “Gross” revenue:


  • A registration fee is a one-time charge of Rs.500. This charge is to be retained by the school.
  • A refundable security deposit of Rs.3000 is charged from each admitted student to be retained by the school.
  • Other charges for supply of school or sports uniforms.


Following are the student charges that are part of ”Gross” revenue:

  • Admission fee (one time, at admission)                                                  Rs.5000
  • Tuition fee (bi-monthly charge)                                                                 Rs.3000
  • Science and lab charges (per month starting from class VIII)                        Rs.200
  • Annual charges (equivalent one month fee)


Royalty on Gross

A 7.5 % royalty on “gross” will be collected by Madinah Foundation on every fee collection.


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